80 Ton knuckle boom

With 80 tons of lifting capacity, 10' feet of horizontal and 135 vertical reach, combined with a 120' manual seciont, this is one of the largest knuckle booms in all of Western Canada. 

80 Ton Knuckle Boom

With 105 feet of horizontal and 135 feet of vertical reach, along with a 120 foot manual section, this is one of the largest knuckle booms in all of Western Canada!  

40 Ton Knuckle BOOM

A perfect fit for medium sized jobs; this boom features 70 feet of horizontal, and 80 feet of vertical reach, making it ideal for projects where a heavier duty setup isn't necessary. 

20 Ton Knuckle BOOM

This unit comes custom made with a short wheelbase to ensure that we can maneuver into limited access areas that others can't! 


We have a 51 foot tri-axle trailer that features and aluminum step deck to allow for heavy loads to be moved on a light trailer. 


We also have tri and tandem axle high boy trailers, as well as a tandem pintail style, which is ideal for lighter loads.  

Specialty equipment and tools

We have a wide variety of specialty tools available to ensure that your job goes smoothly, efficiently, and above all; safely. 

-360° rotating man baskets

-Engineered rigging and spreader bars
-Remote controlled hydraulic jibs
-Bluetooth transmitting, load rated shackles

-And more!